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Piano Club

Participation in this course has in the main plan forming and cultivating the taste of beauty, the development of receptivity. At the piano classes, children grow their creative side, a fundamental aptitude, which will allow them to establish a way of relating between themselves and the environment.

Swimming club

The swimming club is open during summer and the swimming session takes place at the nursery, as the nursery has its own swimming pool. This club follows the harmonious physical development and the maintenance of the physical and mental health, as well as the development of a concentrated behaviour towards the achievement of goals, behaviour that will be found in the daily life in the form of solving new life situations.

Dance club

Within this club, the movement and grace combine themselves harmoniously. “In dance steps”-Romanian expression- children improve their posture, balance and concentration. Dance means emotion, but also the conquest of the room/space. Through dance, qualities such as mobility, coordination, rhythmicity, expressiveness are developed.

Chess club

This club offers the opportunity to discover and enhance the child’s abilities, favouring the interaction of all the psychic factors that contribute and influence the activity of knowledge, the development of curiosity and the desire to unravel the mysteries of chess knowledge. The child is left to observe, to deduce, to calculate, which will allow him to develop his cognition.

Art club

This club gives children the opportunity to express their emotions using different elements of visual language. A child who knows the forms of communication and visual expression will find it easy to decode the message of the works of art and to express himself. Attending the classes, the child will create beauty with his mind, heart and hands.

The piano club

This club has as its main purpose the formation and cultivation of the taste for beauty, the development of receptivity. During the classes, children develop their creative side, a fundamental skill which will allow them to establish a way of relating between themselves and the environment.

Guitar club

Welcome message from the manager

When I founded the educational project I called Paradis, back in 2005, I was already experienced in education and I had felt for quite some time the need for a drastic change of paradigm in education. This need became acute when I became a mother. Thus, I created an educational environment where the activity of live learning is centered on the child as a whole, the main and constant focus being to maintain the child’s curiosity to know and explore the world, to make sure they are happy, motivated and their personality is shaped harmoniously.



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