Paradis College

Romanian Curriculum

Attending primary classes at Paradis International College gives children the opportunity to develop harmoniously on all sides of their personality, both academically and personally, to learn with pleasure and come to school with love. The applied part of theoretical knowledge is a priority for Paradis International College, and this is noticeable due the large number of projects we carry out with our children in primary school and not only.

In the primary cycle are followed the requirements of Romanian curriculum-standards, competences, objectives, learning contents and assessment forms. Withal, the teachers use specific international education methods and means and adapt the contents, the resources and methods according to the each student’ particularities.

At the basis of applying the curriculum is the concept of living learning, a specific concept for Paradis International College, by which we understand the conduct of experimental activities in all fields of knowledge.

The living learning process is based on the following characteristics:

  • Creative flow learning
  • Bringing in harmony the moods of those involved generates the synergistic working state
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • The living interest shown in the learning process
  • Intense emotional experience-experiential
  • Pedagogy of mind and heart
  • Complex scientific content
  • Intellectual tension in the operationalization of notions
  • Evolutionary process-natural-spiritual
  • A memorable learning experience

Welcome message from the manager

When I founded the educational project I called Paradis, back in 2005, I was already experienced in education and I had felt for quite some time the need for a drastic change of paradigm in education. This need became acute when I became a mother. Thus, I created an educational environment where the activity of live learning is centered on the child as a whole, the main and constant focus being to maintain the child’s curiosity to know and explore the world, to make sure they are happy, motivated and their personality is shaped harmoniously.



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