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Kindergarten Events

Christmas workshop

An authentic connection between parents and children, an endless source of joy and magic, the Christmas workshop is the perfect place for children and parents to bring the fragrance of the holidays inside Paradis International College.

Light from Light

This workshop is full of affection because each child and parent connects with two of the highest experiences- Gratitude and Love, while remembering an authentic Romanian tradition in the context of the Easter holidays.

My parents’ passion

Each of us has a passion, or something that makes us live intensely or maybe something that gives meaning to our lives, an activity that makes us feel fulfilled. The parents are involved in an activity where they have to share the passion for their work, becoming a role model for their children.

Stories on grandparents’ knees

Our grandparents tell the most beautiful stories. By the age of four, the children are already learning this lesson therefore, whenever such an opportunity arises, they leave the games and listen with delight to their grandparents’ fairy tales.

Father’s day

At Paradis International College, we celebrate father’s day with happy parents and children, fulfilled wishes, exciting messages and fun games.

Welcome message from the manager

When I founded the educational project I called Paradis, back in 2005, I was already experienced in education and I had felt for quite some time the need for a drastic change of paradigm in education. This need became acute when I became a mother. Thus, I created an educational environment where the activity of live learning is centered on the child as a whole, the main and constant focus being to maintain the child’s curiosity to know and explore the world, to make sure they are happy, motivated and their personality is shaped harmoniously.



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