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…They say that stories begin with Once upon a time …that’s how it goes from the old times to the new, that the gate opened by once upon a time… urges you to create a new world with the reading of each word. To walk and trust the one who created a story, a dream and magic!

Well, yes,…once upon a time there was a man which God loved very much. So much that he had given him a priceless gift – to give harmony and wisdom to others – both from knowledge and intuition – sprinkles of beautiful frenzy, the desire to leave beautiful reminders over the years to the people he met, but also the power to dream and the courage to fulfill their dreams!

And at the right time the story began … In a magical place, ready to welcome all those passing the threshold who will feel at home. The story did not start for the sake of the stories … it started for the sake of childhood, out of love for the world of serious play and the desire to make education with love.

On the way to perfection, the characters in the story had to pass through many trials, children and teachers alike. But it all went well because there was not a day when they did not enjoy the secret smile of childhood and the magic drops the teachers poured on the children and then received back as drops of light, from which came out amazing ideas and dreams.

And so, with confidence and professionalism, with magic and dreams, Paradise Tree began to grow solid roots. And because the roots were so strong, the leaves of this magic tree – turned into happy faces of children – managed to live as many experiences in a year, as other would in ten! These experiences will change over the years in the spring to which each of the children will return.

And you can come back home, as we well know, through the dearest memories and, no doubt, the memories of your childhood in Paradis will be about creativity, about the endless game of playing seriously, about the courage to believe and to succeed, about the joy of discovering that each person’s idea could be the best, about the surprising thought that you were prepared to do so well in real life

When you really want something, the whole Universe will give you the power and the energy to fulfill your dream! We want to give you the confidence that you can make it and so, dear children, your dream will go up, above all things – near the sun! For it will be accomplished!

After 15 years – more beautiful than in the boldest dreams, the story goes on, first of all with Commitment and Professionalism!


Apar primele rădăcini ale poveștii noastre. Înființăm Asociaţia ,,Paradisul Copiilor” și visăm să ajungem cât mai sus.

2005, octombrie

Răsar primele ramuri. Autorizăm nivelul preșcolar sub denumirea de Grădiniţa Paradis.


Copacul nostru se înalță din ce în ce mai mult. Autorizăm nivelul primar, sub denumirea de Şcoala Primară Paradis.


Avem primii invitați de seamă. Întâlnire strategică cu Mandy Johanson, managerul Școlii Newlands din Seaford, U.K.


Învățăm de la cei mai buni. Întâlnire strategică cu Graham Best, managerul St Johns College în Portsmouth, UK

2013, mai

Se acreditează nivelul preşcolar al Şcolii Primare „Paradis” Iaşi prin Ordin Ministru nr. 4020 din 28.06.2013

2014, martie

Creștem continuu. Autorizăm nivelul gimnazial și ne redenumim în Şcoala Gimnazială Paradis.

2014, iunie

Noi oaspeți: întâlnire strategică alături de Zachary Worrall, director adjunct la Junior school, St. Johns College.

2015, mai

Copacul nostru dă primele roade. Acredităm ciclul primar și ne facem planuri mari de viitor.

2015, iunie

Deja nu mai este cale de întoarcere. Primim autorizația Cambridge de la Cambridge Assessment International Education.

2017, mai

Facem școala cu adevărat altfel. Prima ediţie a Festivalului „Nikola Tesla” și deschidem Laboratorul științific interactiv „Nikola Tesla”

2017, octombrie

Avem parte de un moment unic în dezvoltarea noastră: vizita Alteţei Sale Regale Princepele Radu al României.

2018, martie

Inaugurăm parteneriatul cu domnul scriitor S.F. și jurnalist, Alexandru Mironov, iar școala noastră devine satelit al revistei ,,Știință și tehnică”.

2018, mai

Nu ne oprim din evoluție. Devenim membri Round Square, una dintre cele mai importante comunități educaționale la nivel internațional.

2018, mai

Primim încă o recunoaștere a muncii noastre neîntrerupte: diploma de inovare în educaţie în cadrul Salonului de Inventică. Vrem să arătăm că se poate și altfel.

2018, septembrie

Trecem din nou granițele țării și suntem primiți cu bucurie în comunitatea Leader in me, alături de școli din alte 55 de țări de pe întreg globul.

2019, mai

Copacul Paradis ajunge la maturitate. Devenim Paradis International College, odată cu lansarea nivelului liceal, autorizat Cambridge.

Welcome message from the manager

When I founded the educational project I called Paradis, back in 2005, I was already experienced in education and I had felt for quite some time the need for a drastic change of paradigm in education. This need became acute when I became a mother. Thus, I created an educational environment where the activity of live learning is centered on the child as a whole, the main and constant focus being to maintain the child’s curiosity to know and explore the world, to make sure they are happy, motivated and their personality is shaped harmoniously.



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