Plastic arts

Within this club we cover a wide range of techniques and subjects to enable students to find their individual strengths within the discipline, and this leads to the integration of more students with varying degrees of experience and ability.

Every year we organize the project Vernisaj en movi, in which various artistic currents are studied interdisciplinary, plastic art merging with music, design, literature, history, etc.

We exhibit the children’s paintings every year in the school or in thematically chosen places (museums or in nature), we make an album with these works and facilitate the students to discover and experience the style and techniques of other artists, through visits to various galleries and museums from home and abroad.

We are going back to our roots, exploring the technique of modeling in ceramics, both in the school and in the Tansa Village Museum, set up as part of the volunteer project F.

Also, masters of traditional art come to share with the students their knowledge and love for the beautiful Romanian ancestry. Thus, the plastic artist Ionela Mihuleac supported several ceramic workshops, and the sculptor Sorin Pașaniuc worked with the children on a miniature Maramuresian gate.