At Paradis International College we teach students to think creatively and innovatively, to see opportunities where others see problems, so that they are prepared for the challenges of the future.

STEM is an educational concept that is based on the process of training and educating pupils and students in four fields: science, technology, engineering and mathematics, using a multidisciplinary and applied approach.

At Paradis International College we engage students in a wide range of STEM activities, from experiments, clubs, participation in conferences, competitions and science events, internships, to the Prisms VR Project and the Nikola Tesla Interactive Science Festival.

For studying STEM subjects, our students benefit from modern laboratories, as well as the facilities of the “Nikola Tesla” Science Laboratory. In the new campus there will be 8 fully equipped laboratories (two for each of the subjects: physics, chemistry, biology, computer science) and an arts and crafts workshop.

At Paradis International College, we support our students to take part in training internship programs in various fields of science and industry, supported by the school’s partners.