Performing arts

We strongly believe that acting is an exceptional way for students to build self-confidence and learn to manage their emotions, because it takes courage to get on stage in front of a crowd.

Acting involves students playing different characters from different backgrounds, which allows them to develop a better understanding of human nature and cultures. From here, they develop empathy and emotional intelligence, which are important skills for life.

Practicing the art of performance, students develop both their concentration and memory, expressiveness, vocabulary, speaking technique, but also the habit of working in a team, adopting a supportive and collaborative attitude.

Starting from kindergarten to high school, at Paradis International College we attach great importance to acting, absolutely all children being involved in the production of plays and musicals that we present at our celebrations or in competitions.

Many of the productions staged by our children and teachers over time have remained in the collective memory of the Paradis community as special events: The Phantom of the Opera, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, My Fair Lady, Peter Pan, The Sound of Music , The Wizard of Oz, Matilda, The Frozen Kingdom, The Polar Express, The Bat or A New School Pedagogue.

We provide our students with frequent opportunities to participate in theater performances appropriate for each age group.

This activity is highly appreciated by the students, who fully experience the special energy of the performance hall, appreciate the work behind the performance and develop their attention, comprehension and language skills.

The new campus of Paradis International College benefits from a performance hall with 200 seats, with professional equipment (stage, lights, sound system, backstage, wardrobe) and will be the place where the children will have the opportunity to integrate and present the accumulated experiences in drama, music and art classes.