Paradis Music School

Almost half of the school’s students, of all ages, participate in Paradis Music School activities in a lively atmosphere that offers endless opportunities for affirmation and performance. Here we inspire students to enjoy music, both in the classroom and in performance halls or unconventional spaces.

Students involved in these activities not only enjoy and relax through music, but learn self-discipline and determination, focus and teamwork, with music having a beneficial effect on their overall academic performance.

In the new campus, Paradis Music School will have 12 workspaces for individual instrument or voice lessons and 4 rooms for band or smaller group teaching. There is also a room equipped with instruments of all types, with an integrated classroom concept incorporating a band space, which will be used for group teaching.

Within the Paradis Music School, teachers join forces to give individual lessons in piano, guitar (classical, electric and bass), drums, singing and coordinate the school bands and the Paradis choir.

In class and club music lessons, we focus on understanding music, students are introduced to the concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony, tempo, timbre, developing their auditory qualities, musical memory, vocal technique and compositional skills . We also explore music from different cultures and periods of history together.

At the music clubs, all musical genres are addressed, from classical music to jazz, folk, rock, etc., the repertoire varying from the accessible to the most refined.

During the school year, Paradis Music School organizes several exclusively musical events (concerts: Back to School Concert, Autumn Symphony, Highway to Paradis and recitals for each of the instruments) and also participates in other artistic or academic activities of the school (e.g. at the moving openings or at the activity dedicated to January 24th – Cuza unites us).

During the summer holidays, we organize a highly acclaimed music camp, Paradis Music Camp, whose main aim is to improve each artist through instrument and singing group workshops, combined with outdoor activities, in an unconventional and energetic atmosphere positive. This camp ends with either a concert or making music videos.