Public speaking

Activities dedicated to the development of public speaking skills are a tradition at Paradis International College and are key points in our co-curricular program. These events are designed for all age groups, from preschool to high school, and are the setting where students gain skills they will use throughout their lives: to speak confidently in front of large numbers of people, to create an argument, speak persuasively and share their views with others.

Thus, in kindergarten, children participate in an activity in which they present their passion to their peers. Students from 2nd to 5th grade have the opportunity to practice public speaking in Speaker’s Corner, where they present their opinions related to a given topic (for example, freedom or leadership).

Starting with the 6th grade until high school, students participate in the Public Speaking competition, organized every year by the English Speaking Union Romania, where the participants have to give a speech on the proposed topic, being scored on criteria such as intonation, non-verbal language and content.