At Paradis International College we emphasize the health and well-being of each student. We therefore encourage all students to get involved in sports activities, as they play a key role in long-term psycho-emotional and physical development.

In addition to physical education classes, about 60% of the school’s students participate in handball, soccer, basketball, aikido and taekwondo clubs.

The children are involved in sports competitions between classes, at the primary level a football championship is organized, and at the secondary and high school level, a basketball one.

The new campus of Paradis International College benefits from a fully equipped gymnasium, an indoor swimming pool and two professional night sports pitches, one with artificial turf, quartz sand and rubber granules and one multi-sport with a tartan surface.

Moreover, the new campus also includes a well-being area, which will be used by students and teachers, with a fitness room, salt room and two saunas (one with infrared and one wet). These facilities will be staffed by specialized staff to guarantee the safety of our students.