Curriculum Paradis

Paradis International College

Our students benefit from the latest learning techniques, both in and out of the classroom:

Paradis International College is a school where every student is important. The teaching process is based on identifying the academic potential and aspirations of each of the students, because success depends on knowing them in depth.

Our teaching promotes reflection, which encourages students to develop awareness of their own learning journey.

Paradis International College stimulates and challenges students, providing them with the framework to reach their full potential.

The Paradis Curriculum is designed to ensure that all our students develop the skills they need for an evolving job market, as they will face, in the not too distant future, a society we do not know today and a job market that will surely be more competitive than ever.

The Paradis curriculum consists of a consistent and balanced academic curriculum, an invisible curriculum, with a very high formative power, but also a varied co-curricular program, which together ensures the development of students on all levels (academic, spiritual, cultural and physical) and prepare them for the responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Our goal is to teach students to think creatively and innovatively, to see opportunities where others see problems, so that they are prepared for the challenges of the future.

We offer interactive learning programs where students learn skills to integrate into an ever-changing world, preparing them to compete and succeed in rigorous academic environments.

We provide students with international experiences that open their horizons to multiculturalism and diversity.

The English language is studied according to the requirements of the British curriculum, with students managing to integrate knowledge like a native speaker.

We deliver digital education with the help of tools such as: interactive whiteboard, Prisms VR virtual reality glasses, 3D printers and modern computers, thus providing an all-encompassing learning experience.

We promote healthy technology use and digital awareness, valuing human connections and respect.

We are a community that promotes traditional Romanian values, that takes care of the joy of feeling Romanian and being connoisseur of authentic traditions.

We attach great importance to physical activities, as well as artistic education, in order to shape the character of students through team spirit, healthy principles of life and educating the taste for beauty.