High school level

At high school, our students have the opportunity to choose between the Romanian line and the Cambridge line.
High school level - Romanian line

Following the Romanian line, the students will study the Romanian National Curriculum, for high school on the theoretical stream, the real profile, the natural sciences specialization, the teaching languages Romanian and English (bilingual).

This specialization allows us to build a schedule that includes enough hours, both in the exact sciences and in the humanities, and allows students to choose any university fields at the end of high school.

The high school cycle will end with the national Baccalaureate exam. In the twelfth grade, students will benefit from additional hours in order to prepare for the Baccalaureate exam and for admission to universities.

Students have the opportunity to choose optional modules, which embrace the students’ need to develop in a creative environment, anchored to reality and the current needs of society. Thus, we propose to approach some modules in which we will study Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Bioinformatics, Learn How to Learn, Banned Books, Sports Nutrition, Elements of Theology and Philosophy, Film Studies and Sports Nutrition.

High school level - Cambridge line

Paradis International College is proud to be part of the schools that follow a Cambridge curriculum, specially designed for international schools around the world and quite similar to the British curriculum. This ensures continuity for students who move to different countries, but to schools that follow a common curriculum – the Cambridge one. Cambridge accreditation is a certification of the quality of education offered to high school students and the assurance that they will be thoroughly prepared to enter top universities in Europe and the world.

Paradis High School – the Cambridge line allows IGCSE students (grades 9 and 10) to study compulsory subjects, important for the formation of the foundations of general culture (mathematics, English – as a first language, science, foreign language – German or Spanish), alongside of subjects they are passionate about or attracted to. The Paradis offer for high school – the Cambridge line is very wide and varied, offering 15 subjects of study, such as: geography, history, computer science, sociology, psychology, art, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, Global perspectives, Business, music , German, Spanish, English.

Teaching, exclusively in English, is very interactive and applied, focused on the needs of each individual student, but at the same time encourages research and independence, active involvement in the educational process, so that the Paradis high school graduate will be able to succeed in any field he will move on, becoming a true leader and creator of his own future.

The exams taken during high school – IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) at the end of the 10th grade and A Levels – the equivalent of the baccalaureate (in the 11th and 12th grades) are internationally recognized and can be equated to the Romanian baccalaureate.


At Paradis International College, our students go through a process of holistic self-knowledge, and we are with them every step of the way.

The choice of universities and careers are a priority, students being guided in this process, taking into account the psycho-emotional profile and inclinations of each individual.

Right from admission to high school, and then throughout the schooling, we carry out detailed individual evaluations, in which not only psychologists and school counselors are involved, but also the teachers who have guided the student until then.

When we guide a student in choosing the universities to which he will apply, we take into account his skills and his academic level, trying to find together the solution that will provide each future student with the optimal satisfaction of his intellectual and emotional needs.

Advising and planning intensifies in grades 11 and 12, when students receive personalized guidance at all stages of the university application process:

  • personality tests;
  • researching career options;
  • training courses and training courses;
  • exploring fields of study and studying programs for each chosen major;
  • finding out the necessary information about the environment of the university to which they will apply and the student life in those institutions, beyond those found on the official platforms;
  • support in writing essays, cover letters or personal statements;
  • obtaining letters of recommendation;
  • organizing mock interviews;
  • preparing and submitting university applications and following up on offers.


Delft University of Technology – Aerospace Engineering și Nanobiology – Joint Degree: Faculty of Applied Sciences (Delft University of Technology) & Erasmus School of Medicine (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

City, University of London – Law

Eindhoven University of Technology – Mechanical Engineering

NHL Stenden University, Meppel – International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEPS)

Rotterdam School of Management – Erasmus University Rotterdam International Business Administration

University of Groningen – Economics and Business Economics

University of Lille – Business Management

– Five of these universities are in the top 80 in the world in the field of study chosen by our students –


Admission procedure - high school level