Admission procedure – preschool level

Stages of admission for the preschool level

  1. Completing the registration form.
  2. Meeting with parents and the candidate for a tour of the school. During this meeting, both information regarding the educational principles and the Paradis community, as well as details regarding the curriculum and co-curricular activities, will be presented.
  3. Evaluation through the game, with the aim of knowing the child’s personality and level of socio-emotional development.
  4. Presentation of the medical file regarding dispensable chronic conditions, allergies, special needs, etc.
  5. The admission committee will provide an answer to the candidate within 72 hours of the evaluation date.
  6. In the situation where the candidate is declared admitted, the tuition contract is signed, the file is completed and the registration fee is paid (which is the fee for the first month of study).