Nikola Tesla Festival

The Interactive Science Festival “Nikola Tesla”, organized by Paradis International College every year since 2017, aims to create a framework in which children explore the environment through experimental and interdisciplinary learning, where theory merges with practice and which increase their skills of operationalization and transmission of scientific reasoning.

Over the years at the Festival, our students have presented experiments and science works for all ages (from elephant toothpaste, flames on water, magnet magic, cosmic musical chords, sensory gardens, pulley systems, 3D printing , to electrical circuits, green energy projects, the hydrogen car, the smart EKG device to classify and predict possible cardiovascular diseases associated with arrhythmias and many more).

During the Festival, we had guests, at each edition, leaders from the fields of science that inspire the whole community: Alexandru Mironov – teacher, writer and producer of scientific radio-TV shows, Cătălin Beldea – astronomer, Dr. Bogdan Iliescu – neurosurgeon, Cristian Presură – physicist, Vladimir Martinuș – mathematician, Silviu Gurlui – physicist, Adrian Stoica – NASA specialist, Mark Miodownic – professor at UCL, Emily Penn – environmental activist, Bettina Hohman – clinical psychologist, Rachael Livermore – astrophysicist.