The Founder’s Foreword

I used to dream of a school that would educate a new generation of leaders, beautiful people, who would generate beauty through the mere manifestation of their personality and bring meaning to the new society, a school where you learn to lead yourself before leading others.

We have created an educational environment in which the focus of active learning is centred on the child as a whole while being constantly concerned with nurturing his or her curiosity to get to know and explore the world, with the happiness, motivation and harmonious development of the child’s personality.

Paradis International College is a place where children come with joy, a school that nurtures critical and lateral thinking, imagination, autonomy, creativity and the power to find the Self.

Today, I am happy to be able to offer a transformational educational process that is deeply rooted in inspirational ideas about creating a stimulating environment for children and teachers. This process is supported by learning experiences in real life situations that lead to the shaping of the strong character traits they need in order to reach their potential and fulfil their dreams.

Today, in Paradis, there is a community of teachers, curious thinkers and passionate dreamers who strongly believe that a better future world requires not only courageous action and bold thinking, but also unconventional wisdom.

At Paradis International College, we teach children that their inner force is the mechanism that helps them turn their dreams into reality and that the greatness of human beings lies in their humility, in the ability to understand their own limitations and to make themselves small in big souls and bright minds.

At Paradis International College we teach children mathematics, but also psycho-emotional mathematics which shows us that when we divide, we actually multiply, when we learn to subtract, we can only gain, and when we learn to give, we practically receive.

I hope that, soon, I will be able to welcome you to Paradis and I look forward to writing together pages of the story that will be fondly shared with others over the years. Because the story of our becoming will be about Home, about friendship, about self-confidence, about the courage to dream big and to fulfil your highest dreams!

Oana Mihaela Albu