Paradis team

Paradis Community provides interactive learning programmes where students learn skills which help them fit into a changing world, preparing them to compete and succeed in rigorous academic environments.

We offer continuity through a full educational pathway from kindergarten through high school, providing a continuous and familiar learning environment, but also one in which students will form and develop healthy long-term friendships.

We provide students with international experiences that open their horizons towards multiculturalism and diversity.

We are a community that promotes traditional Romanian values, that cares about the joy of feeling Romanian and being connoisseurs of authentic traditions.

We offer vocational counselling and support in choosing universities and preparing the application files for universities from our country and from all over the world.

We place great importance on physical activities as well as arts education to shape students’ character through team spirit, healthy life principles and by educating a taste for beauty. We promote healthy use of technology and digital awareness, valuing human connections and respect.