Lower secondary school

At the lower secondary school level, we follow the Romanian National Curriculum, with everything it implies: standards, benchmarks and competencies, as well as learning contents and assessment forms.

In the 8th grade, an intensive training program for the Romanian language and mathematics is implemented in order to take the National Assessment exam.

Cambridge Curriculum

We supplement the Romanian national curriculum at the secondary level with the subjects studied according to the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum (English, Maths and Science). These subjects are structured in a balanced way, fitting into the national, cultural context and the ethos of the school, and offer a very good basis both for students who choose to continue their high school studies on the Cambridge line, and for those who choose the Romanian national line at high school .

The evaluation of the knowledge acquired within Cambridge Lower Secondary involves the application of some tests (progression tests) taken at the end of the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. These tests are applied and evaluated by teachers in the school, following the scales sent by Cambridge International Examinations. They can generate reports that show the evolution of each student during the years of study, but they can also serve the purpose of continuous improvement of education by identifying strengths/weaknesses.

The secondary cycle ends according to the Cambridge structure of the end of Year 8, when students take the Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint exams, which are held in school but are assessed by Cambridge International Examination specialists.

The primary cycle ends according to the Cambridge structure at the end of Year 5, when students take the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint exams, which are held in school but assessed by a Cambridge International Examination specialist.

Results of the 2023 National Assessment

Admission procedure - lower secondary school level