Preschool level

The child’s education begins at the preschool level. During these years the training, happiness and interest of the child are imperative as the journey to discover the universe of knowledge begins. Paradis Kindergarten offers exciting, play-based activities that stimulate every child’s curiosity to learn from an early age.

The teaching staff, empathetic and experienced, ensures that each child goes through the 5 experiential domains (Aesthetic and Creative Domain, Man and Society Domain, Language and Communication Domain, Science Domain and Psychometric Domain) with which they will operate within the curriculum for preschool education .

Our holistic approach to learning means understanding each child’s needs, interests, strengths and weaknesses to enable us to tailor learning to suit their individual needs.

These areas of development translate into an organization of space on stimulation areas and thematic centers:

  • Science Center
  • Graphic Art and Training Center
  • Role play
  • The dollhouse
  • Sand and water
  • Library
  • Board game
  • Construction center
  • The creative center
  • Area of culinary experiences
  • The area of tactile experiences

English language activities are carried out daily, in each group, under the guidance of the English language teacher, and the children are constantly stimulated to use common, specific expressions, precisely to enable them to learn spontaneously.

Admission procedure - preschool level