Survival school

Getting close to nature and challenging students to get out of their comfort zone have always been priorities for our school, and survival schools are the ideal place to achieve these two goals.

These schools, organized both for primary, middle and high school levels, take place over 2-3 days, depending on the age of the students, either at the edge of the forests around Iași, or in the nearby mountain areas. These activities, where the children stay in tents that they set up themselves, eat the food that they cook, where they often face the weather, teach them to appreciate the simplicity and understand the splendor of nature, living in the middle of it . In these survival camps, children learn, both from the teachers who supervise them and from specialized instructors, how to build a shelter, how to light a fire without modern means, how to orientate in nature, how to face the challenges of nature, how to manage its resources. All these adventures are designed to help students develop resilience, the ability to make correct and quick decisions and work in a team, and last but not least, they teach them to respect and love nature.