Paradis College

Kindergarten Curriculum

The Paradis kindergarten Curriculum is based on learning through play and direct experimentation, and the activities are organized in such a way as to satisfy the children’s play needs.

At the same time, the proposed activities respond to the needs of each child, because each child is unique, learning continuously, becoming more confident in their own strengths. We know how important is the personalized education that puts the child at its centre as a whole, constantly being concerned with the
happiness, motivation and harmonious formation of his personality. We believe in holistic educational approach and multi-sensory development, which focus on mind, emotions and senses.

The kindergarten activities are done taking into account the experiential fields. During the year, the children are engaged in different projects, regarding the themes and sub-themes they go through.

The experiential areas that pre-schoolers go through are the following:
The aesthetic and creative area – covers the ability to respond emotionally and intellectually to perceptual experiences, appreciation of beauty, which will allow them to react in a personal way to what they see, hear, touch or feel.

Man and society area – deals with the human being, his way of living, relations with other people, relations with the social environment, as well as the ways in which human actions influence events. In addition, it is assumed that the pre-school institution represents a usable context for coordinating moral
principles and actions.

Language and communication area – reach the mastery of oral and written language, as well as the ability of understanding verbal and written communication. The aim of this area is to allow the children to speak with confidence, clearly and fluently, using appropriate speech modalities for different auditory categories.

Science area – also, it includes the mathematical area dealing with the practical experiences and understandings of nature. Children are brought into contact with the mathematical field by playing games with materials such as water and sand, or simulating a shopping experience. Children are loaded to carry out experiments, to use tools or equipment in a safety context.

The psychomotor area – covers the coordination and the control of the body movements, general mobility and physical endurance, motor and fitness manipulation skills, as well as knowledge elements related, in particular, to the body scheme.

English – English classes are held daily, for each group, under the guidance of the English teacher.
Children are constantly encouraged to use common English expressions, precisely to allow them to learn spontaneously.

These areas of development are being converted at the level of the classroom into an organization of space on stimulating areas and thematic fields:

  • Leader in me
  • Constructions
  • Roleplay
  • Water and sand
  • Library
  • Science and Investigation
  • Graphic training
  • Creative area
  • Culinary experiences
  • Tactile experiences

Welcome message from the manager

When I founded the educational project I called Paradis, back in 2005, I was already experienced in education and I had felt for quite some time the need for a drastic change of paradigm in education. This need became acute when I became a mother. Thus, I created an educational environment where the activity of live learning is centered on the child as a whole, the main and constant focus being to maintain the child’s curiosity to know and explore the world, to make sure they are happy, motivated and their personality is shaped harmoniously.



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