Co-curricular activities

At Paradis International College we understood that the possibilities of learning are endless and that preparing for the future cannot be achieved only by going through the school curriculum. We firmly believe that a well-rounded education is achieved through both academic activities and co-curricular learning opportunities. Combined, these elements shape student development and have important lifelong impacts.

Our complex program of activities, events, projects, camps and trips allows students to find areas of interest that they can explore, that they can enjoy, that will ensure their development on all levels (academic, spiritual, cultural and physical).

Extending the academic curriculum:

– Performance clubs in mathematics, physics, chemistry and the Romanian language
– Architecture
– Astronomy
– Robotics and programming
– Chess
– Debates
– MUN – Model United Nations
– Public Speaking
– Paradis Media Academy
– Rediscover Iasi

Leadership and Community Service:

– Tansa – fantasy story place
– Leader In Me
– Let’s do it, Paradis!
– Paradise Forest
– Charity events

Arte și cultură:

Paradis Music School – Guitar, Piano, Drums, Singing, Vocal Group and Band clubs
Plastic arts, Dance, Theater



Camps and trips:

– Survival school
– Camps
– Thematic excursions

Arts and culture

At Paradis International College we aim to educate all children to understand and appreciate the arts, we want most to participate in at least one artistic activity, and the best to excel in an artistic field, because the skills they will acquire now, they will last a lifetime.

We believe that the main purpose of artistic education is to contribute to the development of complete adults, capable of leading healthy and productive lives in the society of the future.

Whether it’s painting, drawing or modeling ceramics, whether we’re talking about learning to play a musical instrument, performing in bands or choirs, acting in plays or musicals, or to design with the help of 3D printers, there are many opportunities for artistic expression in our school.

Artistic competitions

Our students are encouraged and supported to participate in domestic and international art competitions and here are some of their results:

– The special award for the best show (grades I-IV) – The Legendarii Troupe, in the Come to the Theater Festival! of the bands from the schools and high schools of Iasi county, the 16th edition, March 2023, organized by the “Luceafărul” Iasi Theater;
– The special prize for choreography (grades I-IV) – Troupa Spiridușii, in the Come to the Theater Festival! of the bands from the schools and high schools of Iaşi county, the 9th edition, March 2015, organized by the “Luceafărul” Iaşi Theatre;
– The special prize of the jury at the Chocolate Dwarf contest, 8th edition, 2018;
– COBIS Virtual Music Competition, 2022 – The Best Ensemble Category Trophy;
– The Sound of Music Contest, May 2020 – Grand prize, electric guitar;
– Music can unite us, international interpretation competition, April 2020 – First prize, electric guitar;
– National Choral Olympiad, middle school section, county stage, 1st Prize with the vocal-instrumental group Pure Beat Festival – music competition for children Euro Music 2016, 4th Edition, Târgu Jiu – 1st Prize with the Pure Beat Band.


At Paradis International College we emphasize the health and well-being of each student. Therefore, we encourage all students to get involved in sports activities, as they play a key role in long-term psycho-emotional and physical development.

In addition to physical education classes, approximately 60% of the school’s students participate in handball, soccer, basketball, aikido and taekwondo clubs.

The children are involved in sports competitions between classes, at the primary level a football championship is organized, and at the secondary and high school level, a basketball one.

The new campus of Paradis International College benefits from a fully equipped gymnasium, an indoor swimming pool and two professional night sports pitches, one with artificial turf, quartz sand and rubber granules and one multi-sport with a tartan surface.

Moreover, the new campus also includes a well-being area, which will be used by students and teachers, with a fitness room, salt room and two saunas (one with infrared and one wet). These facilities will be staffed by specialized staff to guarantee the safety of our students.

Camps and trips

From the first night away from home in a large group, to multi-week trips in the high school years, Paradis International College’s program of camps, theme trips or survival schools broadens our students’ horizons, offers them a wide range of challenges and changes their view of themselves and the world around them.

These opportunities to participate in activities away from family and school environments challenge students to be independent and develop their research, thinking and communication skills.

All these activities are led by qualified and experienced staff as Paradis International College puts children’s safety first